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The Ultimate Blueprint for Orchestrating a Rewarding Home Renovation

Home renovations are more than just cosmetic upgrades; they’re investments in your quality of life and the value of your property. Planning is imperative for ensuring a smooth, successful project that yields the desired results. This comprehensive guide shared by Rocket Door Frames covers essential aspects that homeowners need to consider for a successful renovation […]

How to Set up a Functional Office Space for Your Home-Based Business

Home-based businesses are typically easier to launch and less expensive to fund than most brick-and-mortars, but your home office space is one area you won’t want to cut corners on. Depending on the type of work you do, your home office space is where you’ll spend the majority of your time during the week — […]

Introducing Pocket Sliding Door Kits

What could be handier than doors that hide when you don’t need them? That’s the beauty of pocket doors. A sliding pocket door is a door that slides back into a pocket in the wall. The door is top hung which means it leaves the floor free of obstructions. Rather than a sliding door which […]

Cramped Bathroom Layout? You need a Sliding Pocket Door Kit

Improve your bathroom layout. Make the space in your bathroom seem bigger without moving walls. Free up wall space by getting your door to slide into a pocket in the wall instead of sliding along the outside of the wall. A sliding pocket door versus a hinged door REPLACING YOUR HINGED DOOR WITH A SLIDING […]

Looking for a sliding door solution?

Are you looking for a sliding door solution? Thinking of purchasing a sliding door track that slides along an external wall?Why not convert a door, even your existing hinged door, into a sliding door solution that is hidden away in a pocket in the wall. A door that is there when you need it, but hidden when you don’t. Why? Not […]

Rockets in the USA

Yes Rocket Door Frames are now showing in New York! Due to unprecedented demand there are now Rocket Frames in the U.S.  Using the prestigious AIA architects exhibition as a launching pad Rocket Door Frames are beginning a new North America adventure. Rocket Dor Frames – Ready to blast off into the America market.

Researching Pocket Door Solutions for your DIY Project

So you are a competent DIY’er that recognises the space-saving benefits of pocket doors. You know that a pocket door is top hung and slides away into the wall when opened and the key components required to achieve this are: A track Runners A pocket i.e. horizontals and verticals that form a pocket for the […]

Compare Sliding Pocket Door Kits with this Pocket Door Features Guide

This handy guide will help you to compare and contrast features of budget sliding pocket door kits. Just because you are looking for an affordable solution doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality, strength, easy of construction and a whole host of useful features because you are on a budget. Cheap pocket sliding door solutions […]

Disability & Rocket Pocket Doors – Giving you more accessibility!!

Have you ever considered the trials and tribulations of a wheelchair bound person? They are numerous and one of the most common ones is a hinged door! Not only difficult due to the forward and reverse motion but also the one handed operation needed to open the door and the force necessary especially when it […]

How to install a Rocket Pocket door along the side of an existing wall

It just couldn’t be simpler with Rocket Pocket!! The fantastic thing about pocket doors is that you don’t have to have a big hole in the wall for the frame and you don’t have to knock down the wall either. The pocket door system can be installed against the existing wall. This is done by […]