Rocket Door Jambs

Rocket Door Jambs

Rocket Door Jambs

Product Description:

This kit adds a smooth and professional finish to Rocket Sliding Door Frames.

  • The jambs are specifically designed for the Rocket Pocket Door Kit. They are a flat surface that lines the door opening. It’s crucial for the running of the door.
  • Our door jambs are veneered, giving it a beautiful finish.
  • They are also ready to be painted with the color of your choice.
  • Simply cut to desired length


The door frame jamb kit includes: 4 verticals for the doorpost and pocket entrance and 1 header (one for each side)

Jamb Specifications:

  • It fits pocket doors from 24-36 in. x 80 in.
  • MDF with white paintable coating


CARB certified

Installation instructions are included (see instructions)

Still unsure? Feel free to email us at info@rocketdoorframes.com or call 770-252-2661.