Pocket Door Frames

The Pocket System That Fits Any Style Door

Rocket Pocket Door System

Our pocket door hardware kit makes assembly and installation a piece of cake! It is so easy to assemble a Rocket Pocket Frame.

Check out the video to see it yourself! All you need are some basic tools and skills.

Making Steel Pocket Door Frames with a difference!

With more than 30 years of experience in the production of door frames, we incorporated the latest design features. Our POCKET Door Frames are a complete system, economically priced, easy to buy and install.
Use your choice of door to complement your design.


QUALITY, reliability, strength and ease of construction - we stand behind our product.


Available for questions and technical help.
Contact our customer service team via email at info@rocketdoorframes.com or call
770-252-2661. Our team is here to assist.

The Inexpensive Beauty of
Rocket Door Frames

What does a pocket door frame cost? Our systems are known to have the best value for money on the market.

5 specific sizes, each made for a standard door size, all at one unique price!

Simply join two singles to obtain a double pocket door system.

Each single pocket door frame includes a joining kit that can be used to connect two singles and make them a double at no extra cost.