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Thinking of installing an internal sliding door? Go one better and install a pocket door it’s cheaper than you think.

If you are thinking of installing a sliding door in your property, you have obviously realised that a door that slides takes up less space than a traditional hinged door. You may want a sliding door because…. 

  • You need to fit a door in a tight space and a traditional hinged door will constrain your options or layout
  • You want the option to separate off two spaces without interrupting the flow of the rooms and without having to worry about two double hinged doors opening into the space
  • You want to separate off an area of a room such as a home office area, a utility space or a dressing room area from the main room.

All of these things are possible with a sliding door, but wait…. You are saving on usable floor space but the door has to open along a wall.

  • Is there enough space?
  • Do you want to lose that wall space?
  • Wouldn’t it be better if you could have furniture up against that wall?

STOP thinking sliding door and start thinking POCKET DOOR!

What is a pocket door?

Sliding pocket doors are sometimes just called ‘sliding doors’ but instead of the door sliding along a wall when it is opened the door actually slides into a pocket in the wall.

Like sliding doors they are top hung from a track. But unlike sliding doors,  the actual door of a pocket door is there when you need privacy and gone when you don’t.

With a top hung sliding door the track is surface mounted on the wall, so the track, the door, the floor guide etc are all visible.

With a pocket door, the track and pocket are hidden in the wall so all you see is the door when it is in the closed position and the edge of the door when the door is open.

Pocket doors can be set so the door goes all the way back into the pocket or so you only see a part of the door and the handle when it is in the open position.

So what is the benefit of a pocket door over a sliding door?

  • A pocket door is a more versatile and elegant version of a simple sliding door
  • A pocket door can be fitted in situations where a sliding door cannot.

Example 1: A pocket door between stairs on one side and a freestanding kitchen cabinet on the other.

Example 2: A pocket door closes off the space between a corridor and sitting room with furniture against the wall

Are pocket doors expensive? Some are, but Rocket Pocket Door Kit isn’t.

The Rocket Pocket Door Kit is a budget pocket door kit that does not skimp on quality or features. Unlike other kits around the same price it includes:

  • Pre-cut galvanised steel uprights and horizontals to build the pocket
  • Exact size track with chrome steel ‘sealed for life’ bearings that insert easily into the track
  • Adjustable pocket entrance guide which will enable you to assemble the kit for a 1-3/8 in. or 1-3/4 in. door
  • A door brake
  • A door stop
  • Easy release door hangers
  • Free flush pull or lock
  • The brackets to fit the frame to the stud work that double as plasterboard positioners and supports
  • All the relevant fixings

Each pocket door kit is designed to fit a standard door size, with no cutting or trimming of the pocket or track necessary.

Is the Rocket Pocket Door Kit hard to fit?

No, a competent DIY’er , builder or joiner will be able to fit a Rocket pocket Door Kit.

As well as a great product for the price what else do you get?

Excellent customer service of course!

If you are not familiar with installing pocket doors view our instruction video or download our assembly instructions here. If you have any further queries then contact our helpful customer support team via email at or call 770-252-2661.