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How to install a Rocket Pocket door along the side of an existing wall

It just couldn’t be simpler with Rocket Pocket!!

The fantastic thing about pocket doors is that you don’t have to have a big hole in the wall for the frame and you don’t have to knock down the wall either.

The pocket door system can be installed against the existing wall.

This is done by creating a false stud wall along the side of your existing one with a space for the frame. The Rocket Pocket perfectly fits a 2×4 stud so you will not lose lots of space in the room. A great advantage of the Rocket Pocket system is that it comes complete with A STEEL POCKET connected to the track, this way it is always perfectly in line unlike the old systems (that are basically a few bits of wood and a track).

This is also a great time saver!

After the quick and easy assembly you just have to screw a sheet of plasterboard to the side that butts up to the wall. This gives the system extra strength and rigidity.

Now to screw the system into space you have left in the false stud wall only use screws through the track, the back end of the pocket and the base of the pocket to keep the system in-line. Don’t screw through the side of the frame as this may cause the system to misalign and you don’t want that.

So, once screwed and fixed into position add the final plasterboard on the outside of the false wall, follow the instructions on installing the door and finish off with the architrave of your choice.

Simple as taking the dog for a walk!